Students in class:

Students in collaboration:


A collaborative film by student and faculty in 2022. This work traveled all the way to France. See below stills from the film and an excerpt of the film where footage was woven together.

title slide of video with the title WOVEN in all caps
overlapping visuals of leaves decomposing in water and birch tree bark
overlapping visuals of a pink flower and shadows in nature
overlapping visuals of a tree and working hands wrapping a bundle of fabric

Co-Translation: Making the Invisible Visible - Nanotechnology & Art vs. PFAS & Microplastics

A collaboration between intermedia and environmental engineering students as a part of the Social Practice class. See below images of the works made in collaboration together.

wall text which reads the show title, names of collaborators, and a brief statement that hung on the exhibition space wall
spanning out across the exhibition floor, showing works visible as you first enter the space
a wide view of the exhibition space with different artworks around the room ( including works not shown in other images)

Students and their work in the news: