Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program

IPhD student Siglinde Langholz Villarreal presents elements of her research

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program is ideal for students who have completed their MFA and wish to further their creative and research practices by keeping their knowledge of theory, history and the application of contemporary creative practices in an interdisciplinary context. This program (individualized track) allows qualified individuals to pursue doctoral study in areas in which the University offers no formal degree program but has significant curricular resources and faculty expertise. Students pursue the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. under the direction of a five-member Academic Advisory Committee. Four committee members are members of the Graduate Faculty of the University representing at least two academic departments, while the fifth member is from an institution other than the University of Maine. The student may designate a particular field as the major field of study. If a student choses the major field of study as Intermedia, it is expected that the MFA degree has been achieved before formal application to the doctoral program.

Photo of people at Exhibition
2010 Without Borders Thesis Exhibition

You may contact Associate Dean Scott Delcourt, ( the Graduate Coordinator for the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program for more information.

For more information please visit the Graduate School’s webpage on Interdisciplinary Programs.

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program Guidelines (PDF)