SHASHASHA at IMRC December 13th, 8pm with guests Fools Rule



The Intermedia MFA department welcomes the band SHASHASHA on December 13th at 8:00 pm in 104 IMRC, Stewart Hall on the University of Maine Campus in Orono Me. The concert is free and open to the public.

“Forming after Dominic Lavoie (Dominic and the Lucid) recorded a solo album by the same name, he enlisted friends and Portland musician staples as a backing band for the album release show. What was suppose to be a one off show, morphed into a cohesive band, continuing to rehearse regularly and write new material.A band where most members sing,  lush, stacked harmonies fill their songs. Drummers Chuck Gagne and Dan Capaldi play along side Pete Genova on bass.  Justin Wiley and Kyle Gervais sit behind stacks of vintage keyboards, Scott Mohler handling the multi-instrumentalist role.  Dominic Lavoie adds layers with acoustic guitar and harmonium.  “The only major criticism that could be lodged against “VanDyke Brown” is that it ends too quickly; just as you enter into the right mood and mindset for it, it’s over.”

–Bangor Daily News

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