bird carrying a vaccination

Intermedia Hosts Virtual Exhibition: Creativity vs. COVID

Creativity vs. COVID: Ending the Pandemic for Good shares work from the Free the Vaccine for Covid-19 collective, from handmade gifts to parody music videos. It introduces audiences to key issues that limit access to medicine and provides robust methods anyone can use to advocate for change from anywhere, especially at this time of social […]

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Reed Hayden

“I see the nature of existence as something that includes the human organism but is not constrained or defined by it.” – Reed Hayden Reed Hayden is an artist from coastal Maine who draws primary inspiration for his work from the practice of Zen and the study of cognitive evolution. His medium of choice is […]

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Katarina Hoeger

Katarina Hoeger “I know so many people who feel disconnected and exploring connections between us often motivates me. I lost many friends, including one of my closest, to loneliness and mental health issues, and this has definitely inspired me to use my artistic practice to reach individuals, to instigate thought, discussion, wonder, or consider what […]

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New Phytologist

“When I heard that my work was selected for the cover, It was a big surprise. First, because I don’t usually see art pieces on the cover of scientific journals. Secondly, because It wasn’t created with that in mind.”   Big Congratulations to Adrianna Cavalcanti, who is a second-year IMFA student, as her piece Biomimicry has been […]

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Intermedia MFA Fall 2020 Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Farah Al Qasimi  Farah Al Qasimi (b.1991, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; lives and works in Brooklyn and Dubai) works in photography, video, and performance. Her recent commission with Public Art Fund, Back and Forth Disco, is on view around New York City through May 17. Her work has been featured in exhibitions at Jameel […]

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Pandemic Interview with Armando Garma Fernandez

Armando Garma Fernandez “I would be lying if I said that I have been able to adapt and continue making work” Armando Garma Fernandez is originally from Mexico City, Mexico. When he was eight years old his family moved to the United States so his father could pursue a career teaching at a University level. […]

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Creating Community in Unstable Times

 University of Maine IMFA graduate student Rochelle Lawrence wanted to connect with her classmates in a creative manner, while we were all under quarantine. Through learning about the history and dynamics of mail art, Lawrence decided to send out bags and bags of fire bread. On a whim, she carved a block to create prints […]

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Refugees Looking for Home

“When you sweep, wherever you are sweeping, becomes this futile act because the space will just get dirty again. Someone is going to track the mud in again, it is just this temporal, futile act to correct something.” – Susan Smith   Susan Smith an activist artist living and working in the Maine community heads […]

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Photo of Artwork

Featured Student

Anna Martin  “To me there is an importance to acknowledging small moments or something that, it doesn’t have to be grand to be important and for me the relationships between people and objects and those stories that accumulate through having a use for things and exchange with things often are filled with small moments of […]

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