Student Snap Shot: Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant, a second year Intermedia MFA student, embarks on a new game design for the Spring semester. Previously, Chis designed a game that examined the war on terror through the use of simple game mechanics. In that prior game, he utilized Pong as his structure and coded in a series of images and statistics to help point out the ffects of the war on terror. Furthermore, the game’s design incorporated a no-win situation, which reflects the belief that the current war on terror is unsustainable.

Now, Bryant has shifted his focus from war to relationships. His new game design allows users to play through a three level structure, which he built to mimic a generalized conception of how relationships work. The game begins with a recent breakup, and as the user progresses new obstacles, challenges, and ways of thinking must be overcome and learned in order to progress.

Although the game is still in its conceptual stages, Bryant plans to design the game for use on the iPhone and other similar machines.