MAINE SOUP funds Intermedia student Ozgur Ugras




Maine Soup is thrilled to announce our new home in the IMRC building. Last week we started our new collaboration with a stone soup, homemade bread and brownies. The dinner was a success, many exciting projects were discussed and Intermedia MFA student Ozgur Ugras went home with $100 to support his interactive documentary project. Beginning in September 2013, Maine Soup will be hosted at the IMRC building every month with a new soup, new prize and new collaborations. Please join our Facebook page for updates and upcoming soup dinners!


About Maine Soup

Maine Soup is a micro funding soup dinner in which attendees give a three- to four-minute presentation on a creative project that benefits the local community. After presenting guests enjoy homemade soup, network, and submit a ballot for the artist they would like to fund. The funding comes from a $5 entry fee. This is a non-profit enterprise.

Maine Soup serves the development and growth of Bangor/Orono’s creative enterprises. Artists require fiscal and creative support from the community in order to complete their artistic projects. Maine Soup is a platform that produces both fiscal and creative support by bringing artists and community together over a bowl of soup once a month to participate in critical discussion, share creative ideas and collaborate in projects that benefit the community. Maine Soup supports artists by funding projects directly and facilitating networking, critical discussion and collaboration. Maine Soup is an experiment in democracy: it offers an alternative to the closed system of the art-foundation world. Maine Soup funds art projects from the bottom up and fosters an opportunity for the community to have an active role in their creative economy.

This event has the potential to simultaneously serve as a showcase for local musicians, performing and visual artists.  We ask everyone to make suggestion and participate in developing creative solutions to expand the attendance of the dinner and to expand what happens at Maine Soup.