Featured Student: John Sullivan

picture of Johnny

(Photo: Adam Kuykendal)

Featured Student John Sullivan, aka Johnny Venom, is a 1st year Intermedia MFA student from Portland, ME. He is a bass and keyboard player by trade, with a BFA in Contemporary Music Performance and Composition from the College of Santa Fe. After performing, touring and recording with many different bands, his focus has turned to electronic music, computer programming and interdisciplinary forms. He is currently working on a series of sound installations that explore the fundamental characteristics of harmony: pitch, timbre, tuning systems, spatial relationships and more. The common thread in all of Johnny’s work is connection and communication: ‘My goal is to attain a fluent vocabulary between systems, so that anything can inform anything else and truly interactive ecosystems can evolve. Most of my work is technology-based, but I am obsessed with analogousness, that the same principles of connectivity and information exchange define the physical world as well.’ To these ends, he works with audio/visual design and programming, physical computing and web development.

Piece titled "Four Square"
fourSQUARE: Death By Pop Song. An installation with Sally Levi (2013)
(Photo: Adam Kuykendal)
Strangers. an online audio/visual experience (2012).
Strangers. an online audio/visual experience (2012).www.johnnyvenom.org
requires Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome to view
(Photo: Lindsey Parsons)
Ancient Open Allegory Oratorio. an album by indie folk band Post Provost
Ancient Open Allegory Oratorio. an album by indie folk band Post Provost www.facebook.com/postprovost
(Photo: Ramsay de Give)