Featured Student: Siglinde Langholz

Siglinde Langholz, is a third year IMFA student who joined us in Maine from Puebla, Mexico. She graduated from the University of the Americas (UDLAP) with an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts. She is currently working towards her dissertation for her Intermedia Master in Fine Arts degree at the University of Maine.

Siglinde has been a recipient of several grants and awards including the University of Maine’s 2011-2012 Ana Mendieta Art Fellowship, and in 2010, a grant from the state government of Puebla, Mexico. Langholz´s work has been exhibited internationally, including exhibitions at the Institute of Art and Culture of the State, the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, the Museum of Modern Art Casa del Caballero y Aguila and the Railroad Museum in Puebla. Siglinde has also shown work at Tijuana’s Biennale of Banners (Mexico), and has exhibited in the Yucatan (Mexico), Maine and Detroit.

Since coming to UMaine, Siglinde’s artwork has been focused on topics related to social systems, interactivity, and collaboration. She actively interweaves philosophical concepts and metaphors into her processes. In her practice, Langholz has been generating assemblages in which she re-constructs and re-defines social languages, objects and spaces. She culminates her process in collaborative textiles, installations, sculptures, and performances. Her thesis work is centered on researching concepts of relational space, emergence, self-organization, and micro-macro spheres, joining these concepts in an interactive organic installation, in which light and sound will be interwoven within the process. This project allows the audience to interact actively in a context in which a physical-real experience such as feeling, touching and hearing takes place.