Dirigo Mix: A Workshop in Soundscape Composition Using Cagean Techniques

Dirigo Mix: a workshop in soundscape composition using Cagean techniques 
lead by Nate Aldrich May 29 – June 8, 2012 
Lord Hall room 312 
University of Maine at Orono

In response to an invitation to submit a soundscape composition to Ear to the Earth’s on-line celebration of the 100th anniversary of John Cage’s birth, Nate Aldrich will conduct a 2-week workshop in soundscape composition utilizing techniques pioneered by Cage.  The workshop will include field-recording sessions around the state of Maine, studio editing and composing sessions in Pro Tools and the application of chance methods to the selection and organization of material.

The title, Dirigo Mix, references the Maine state motto, Latin for “I lead”, and the title of one of John Cage’s most challenging and important works, the tape composition William’s Mix. As a group, participants will collect sound recordings from each of Maine’s 16 counties and assemble them as a representative soundscape.  The resulting composition will be published on-line at Ear to the Earth with each workshop member credited as co-composer.  The piece will also be entered for consideration in Ear to the Earth’s annual fall festival in New York City and at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s 2012 biennial.

This workshop will be limited to 8 and will include travel to various recording locations as well as studio time on the University of Maine at Orono campus.

If you are interested please contact Nate Aldrich via e-mail at:

nbaldrich@earthlink.net, or see Velma Figgins at the New Media office, 4th floor, Chadbourne Hall.