Intermedia Graduate Studies at UMaine

Students and faculty work together in a workshop on creation of biodigesterss
Biodigester workshop

The Intermedia Program offers creative studio-centered degrees that extends a key aspect of much of the best contemporary creative work, that is its hybridity, as a core of the Program’s focus in creative and studio work. The Program focuses on the intersection of contemporary arts with other disciplines and and areas of interest, technology and social praxis to model a new direction and approach to teaching and learning in the creative fields. We have chosen the term Intermedia to reflect our aim and intent – that is to work with, and study creative processes which fall conceptually and physically between known/used media, as well as between traditional disciplines such as photography and computer science, biology and sculpture, or music and sociology.
View of audio producction space and worksurface
Audio production space in IMRC AV Labs

The three key factors of Intermedia for the program and the faculty involved are:

  1. Traditional media distinctions are only reference points and not limits for current practice.
  2. A key component in current studio practices are intellectual/critical tools, (what we call praxis in our program).
  3. A necessity of experimental, or responsive forms that result from a dialectic between media, disciplines or contexts

Ambitious graduate students may seek to continue to develop advanced thesis work beyond their MFA and craft their own Interdisciplinary PhD degrees. This option is available through the Graduate School.