Field Study Exchange

International and/or Field Study Component

An important component of the program will be the students’ opportunity to study abroad or to do focused work in another field or discipline. This work, although possibly ongoing through the student’s interdisciplinary course of study, mostly happens  during summers or either in the first semester of the student’s third year, or  the second semester of the second year. During this semester students will have three primary possibilities for their Field Study, although other options can and will be considered as appropriate to the students own developing forms of intermedial praxis:

1. An in-depth semester long study in a discipline area of the student’s choosing (other than art or new media) at the University of Maine, Orono.

2. A semester of study or work in another geographic location or in another context. This can include study at another companion school, research institute or university, work in an artists’ residency program, an internship with a cultural institution or museum, or study/work/apprenticeship with an artist or creative group.

3. A semester of study in the college of education and in art education specializing in research and training for teaching at the post-secondary level.

This field study work must be a minimum of 3 credits but can be up to a full 9 credits of work/study depending on the nature and duration of the individual students program.