IMRC Lecture Series Fall ’19

Fall Event Schedule

The Intermedia MFA Tuesdays at the IMRC Lecture Series continues to provide the University of Maine, Orono and Bangor community with a diverse schedule of compelling speakers, and performances by contemporary and interdisciplinary artists and performers from around the country and world


All events are free, open to the public and will take place at the Innovative Media Research Commercialization Center, located in room 104 APPE Space, Stewart Commons at the University of Maine at 7:00p.m.








SPURSE • Visiting Artist − Artist in Residency

Pontoon Boat

September 10th

“We are a creative design consultancy that focuses on social, ecological and ethical transformation. We work to empower communities, institutions, infrastructures, and ecologies with tools and strategies for system-wide change. Drawing upon our diverse backgrounds that span the fields of science, art, and design, we utilize unique immersive methods to co-produce new ecologies, urban environments, public art, experimental visioning, strategic development, alternative educational models, and expanded configurations of the commons.” −Spurse



CIG HARVEY • Visiting Artist

September 17th

“Cig Harvey is an artiHouse with Women st whose practice seeks to find the magical in everyday life. Rich in implied narrative, Harvey’s work is deeply rooted in the natural environment, and offers explorations of belonging and familial relationships.” – Cig Harvey






Julianne Swartz • Visiting Artist

October 1st

Julianne Swartz is a New York based sculptor  living and working in Stone Ridge. She is known for her interdisciplinary practice working with multisensory sound, kinetics and other materials to create sculptures, installations and photographs. Her work has been exhibited across the globe in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her artwork has been exhibited in such museums as Brooklyn Museum of Art, MoMA, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Whitney Museum.


Art Installation




Kambui Olujimi

October 8th

“KArtwork by Kambui Olujimi ambui Olujimi was born and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  Olujimi works within the realm of ideas rather than within an exclusive medium. Although he has directed a great deal of work in film, his is truly a multi-media practice. He crafts potent social commentary from delicate wisps of myth and whimsy mixed with real-world narrative. Lyrical and elliptical rather than ideological, Olujimi’s art transcends the political sphere, affirming its own autonomy.” – Catharine Clark Gallery                                                                  MORE INFO:

Heather Sincavage • Visiting Artist

Performance October 28th – Talk October 29th

“I use the body as a foundation for measuring 2375 Piles of Ashethe repercussions of trauma and intellectual exploration of its residual effects. The calculations I use, such as weight, length, and time passage, connect the internal monologue to physical actions or more specifically, how that inner negotiation of our traumas dictate our outward behavior. It is important to me that it is known that I am not interested in re-performing traumatic events nor exploiting victimhood. This exploration of the emotional body is performed from a singular [the artist = subject’s] perspective. Viewing of the work, however, suggests complex social power dynamics between subject and viewer.” -Heather Sincavage MORE INFO: 


Giles Timms • Faculty Member

November 12th

Art Illustration “Giles Timms is an animator, filmmaker and illustrator. Inspired by Russian Cut-Out Animation, Comics and Expressionism, Giles has cultivated a distinctive technique that is textural, stylized and painterly. Using history and its motifs, Giles creates pop surreal worlds that are grounded in the real – 3D worlds in a flat 2D paper, cut-out style.” MORE INFO: