Static Yearn, Presentations on Performances, May 6, 12-2pm




Presentation on the performance works developed over the course of the Intermedia MFA class with Deborah Wing-Sproul this semester, IMD 530 – Performance: Person, Practice, Place. STATIC YEARN, our culminating day of live art works, was held on April 26, 2014 at Zero Station in Portland’s East Bayside neighborhood.


Live Presentations on Performances from IMD 530

Tuesday, May 6 from 12 – 2pm in IMRC 104, AP/PE Black Box

Sarah Hollows and Kris Mason will be presenting on their durational performance, Settlements, from 12 – 1pm

Rachel Nelson will be presenting on her performance, Brushing Lightly, Just Behind You, Coming Closer, from 1 – 2pm

(10-20 minutes of Q&A after each presentation)