Workshop by Erin Manning Monday April 15th

image of the artist Erin Manning holding colorful cloth


Workshop with Erin Manning. Monday April 15th at 10 am in the cml conference room in Fogler Library.

The etymology of art comes from the meaning of the word still retained in German: “the way.” This workshop will explore the role of an object in a processual exploration and ask how the object catalyzes a process and explore the social, cultural and political consequences of emphasizing “the way” over the concept of the object as such. Key concepts explored will be time and intuition, both according to how philosopher Bergson defines them. Other relevant philosophers will be Deleuze and Guattari, Simondon and Whitehead. But there need be no familiarity with any of these philosophers: we will work from scratch and go from there. Please come prepared with a short informal presentation about the art of time in your practice.