“Soap Opera Social” a workshop by artist Miranda Clark

Intermedia MFA

Artist Workshop

February 27th 


The University of Maine Intermedia MFA program is pleased to announce the third presenter,

Miranda Clark, for their Spring 2013 Visiting Artist series co-sponsored by the Cultural Affairs/Distinguished

Lecture Series. The artist will present a workshop titled “Soap Opera Social” on Wednesday February 27th at

10:00 am in the CML conference room in Fogler Library.


Workshop description:

“Soap Opera Social” is a screening of the best + brightest soap opera moments, from Twin Peaks to Passions

accompanied by an original script workshop.  Participants will each develop a character + back story.

Collectively, we will create an open narrative outline with the promise of never-ending drama.


About the Artist:

Miranda Clark’s practice references feminine archetypes found in fairytales, pop culture, and love ballads. Through photography, video, performance, and ongoing investigation, Clark manipulates the ritual standards of desire, fantasy, and consumption. Interested in where claims of truth intersect with the demands of fiction, Miranda has played the maiden, the bride, and the author of reclaimed stories. These experimental theaters of memory have progressed into a journey that has layers of being lost.  It is a fiction.  As she wonders in making and looking, she wonders about her personal narrative and how much of it is showing.   She holds a BA in sociology and studio art from Colgate University and an MFA in new media from Transart Institute.

To sign up, please email your interest to johanna.cairns@umit.maine.edu