WORKSHOP: Concepts In Hardware Programming





*Space is limited, contact to reserve your space.

As the technology in our lives becomes faster and more complicated, our understanding of it has decreased, forcing us to put an implicit faith in its design, inner workings and safety. Composer and visual artist Tristan Perich will present an introductory workshop on hardware programming, providing an understanding of how these systems function at their lowest level. While Perich’s work aims to integrate low-level computation with traditional artistic media—compositions for ensemble with 1-bit electronics or audio art installations—this workshop intends to teach a basic understanding of Assembly, a low-level programming language that drives most hardware at the lowest level. The workshop is intended for those with a basic understanding of computer programming, though it is not necessary. Participants will learn how to program an Amtel microprocessor, a low-cost, highly versatile microchip similar to those used in Arduino boards and in Perich’s own popular artwork 1-Bit Symphony.