Director Of Intermedia MFA, Owen Smith’s Work Featured in Cage Special

University of Maine Faculty member and Director of the Intermedia MFA Program, Professor Owen F. Smith, will have his video works “8 Transitions: video event works” presented as part of The Late Now show’s John Cage Centenary Special. This show presented live at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Seattle on October 20th, 2012 will celebrate John Cage’s 100th birthday with a chance-driven show featuring a Cagean circus of performance/happenings by a great variety of guests, plus aleatoric interviews and a participatory grand finale. The Late Now show is billed as the “thinking mammal’s avant-variety-talk show” and is hosted by Leo Daedalus is a Portland, Oregon-based performer, filmmaker, writer, improviser, comedian and musician, who is described as a “. . . quixotic jester in the court of commercial spectacle, co-opting late-night TV structures in service of the deeply interesting, the sharply ludicrous, the thoughtfully unexpected, and the rigorously uncategorizable.” Smith’s work 8 Transitions is a series of eight short video works that were stated by a challenge he gives in students in his intro to video art classes, “you can not make art or film out of video transitions.”  These works are intended to function as visual event scores that draw on the Fluxus tradition of short haiku like scores that are both instigations to action/performance and deceptively simple poetic meditations on the world we live in.

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