Visiting Artist: Zach Poff

Digital new media artist, Zach Poff, addressed an audience of faculty and students on campus this past October 3rd about his ideas and questions that shape and mould his work.  Poff’s current focus explores how “artists can exploit the flexibility and currency of information technology to challenge the values of a culture that is being transformed by it.”

Through the influence of Sol le Wit, Alvin Lucier and John Cage, Poff walked his audience through the chronology and history of how his work has been informed, created, and distributed to explore themes of authorship, political speech, broadcast media and public discourse.   His work is witty and creative, often blending sculpture and object-based work with digital technology to create innovative sound experiences for the viewer.  Speaking at length about authorship, Poff said,  “Making and sharing art is not about sharing our personal obsessions, but rather working in an open field.  Individuals are not the center of things, however the artist is still responsible for creating the structures that let the artist share “things” with the viewer / audience.”

Poff frequently collaborates with MFA faculty N.B.Aldrich and their recent work is currently on display at the CMCA in Rockport, Maine.  For more information visit the CMCA website

Zach Poff is a New York area digital media artist, educator, and maker-of-things. For more information on his work please visit his website

This event was sponsored by the Intermedia MFA Program and the University of Maine Cultural Affairs / Distinguished Lecture Series.