All of the Above

All are cordially invited to attend the performance series “All of the Above”

“All of the Above” is a Performance Series presented by Six Performance Artists from the Intermedia Arts, Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Maine.

These performances reflect the interests and concerns of these artists revealed through a variety of narratives, live actions and investigations. These performance collaborations span the genres of radio, ritual, construction, destruction, release, disposal and relationship all within the framework of contemporary and social culture.

The “PerformanceWorx” series will take place the next 3 Mondays throughout the University of Maine Campus with the final performance taking place at the Charles Inn in Downtown Bangor.

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Artists Include:

Carol Ayoob

“Tea After Tea Prophecy” Experiment Station Holmes Hall March 28 11 AM

Johanna Cairns

“Ingest / Object” Experiment Station Homes Hall March 28 12:15 PM

Kate Dawson

“Home” Steam TBA  April 4 11 AM

Dennis St. Pierre

“Mobile Rites” Steam Plant Boat Launch April 4 12:15 PM

Amy Pierce

“Cast” Charles Inn, Downtown Bangor April 11 11 AM


Siglinde Langholz, Sean George, Jessica LeClair, Yannick Moutassie, Kat Johnson, Bjorn Grigholm, Oren Darling, Neil Shelley, Paul & Connie Boivin, Pieter Tryzelaar, and Mariusz Potacki.


Advisor: Deborah Wing-Sproul