Reza Safavi Visits UMaine

Artist Reza Safavi will talk about his current interactive art projects and collaborations. Reza’s work investigates how the presence of technology in daily life shapes human experience: our perceptions, social behavior, economics, entertainment and the way we meet our basic needs. He uses video, photography, sound, sculpture and digital devices to create interactive experiences that highlight the interface between people and machines. For more information On Reza’s projects visit his web site at:

Safavi received an MFA in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon and a BFA from the University of Victoria.  His work has recently been exhibited at the University of Maine’s Without Borders Festival,  Medialab Prado (Spain), Hartwick College (New York). He is a member of a video performance collective called DataIRJ that has recently performed at Disjecta, Portland, OR and the Live Cinema Summit in Chicago, IL.  He is a recipient of a Washington State Artist Trust grant and has been living in Washington for the last three years working as Assistant Professor in the Art Department at Washington State University.

Mr. Safavi will give a public presentation on November 9th in room 100 of Lord Hall.  He will also meet with students, one-on-one the following day, November 10th in Stillwater.