‘CONVEY’ Performance a Success

Intermedia MFA student Carol Ayoob presented her piece ‘CONVEY’ at Minskey Theater on October 14th at 7:30 pm.  The piece featured Anatole Wieck on violin, Karen Montanaro performing interpretive dance, Sarah Peters operating the conveyor belt and Carol Ayoob as conductor.  The performance began with Sarah Peters picking up pieces of trash that littered the stage and placing the trash into piles near a large conveyor belt that was placed at center stage.  After the trash was separated into piles Carol Ayoob, dressed as an orchestral conductor, directed the cast to begin the performance.


As Carol placed pieces of trash on the conveyor belt, Sarah Peters turned the conveyor’s crank that fed the trash over the belt and dumped it out on to the floor below, which was painted like an asphalt road complete with yellow lines.  Anatole Wieck performed music that he interpreted by the patterns placed on the conveyor belt while Karen Montanaro danced to Wieck’s musical cues.  The performance continued through three parts until all of the trash had made its journey across the conveyor belt and onto the floor.

The piece was met with great applause by the audience.  Carol Ayoob is beginning plans for a repeat performance in a larger venue.