Dedicated Faculty:

Susan Smith, Ph.D. Program & Academic Director, Adjunct Faculty

Patrick McFarlane, MA, NP. Adjunct Faculty

Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty

Alexis Hope Ph.D, Adjunct Faculty, Researcher in Residence

John Muthyala, Affiliated Faculty USM

Augusta Sparks Farnum, MA, Teaching Assistant

Numerous adjunct faculty will be drawn from the Northern Light Family Medicine Residency Program, the University of Maine, and the wider arts, cultural, and civic community to support and broaden the reach and connections of the program/certificate.

Advisory Committee:

Sarah Irving, Director, Northern Light Family Medicine & Residency

Susan Smith, Director, Intermedia Programs, University of Maine

David Harder, Director, Institute of Medicine, University of Maine

Lisa Erdman, Artist, Educator, and Researcher

Lenard Kaye, Director, Institute on Aging, University of Maine

Patricia Leavy, Independent Researcher and Author

William Miller, MD, MA, Chair Emeritus of Leigh Valley Health Network

Mollie Ruben, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Maine

Johanna Shapiro, Emeritus Director, Program in Medical Humanities and Arts, University of California Irvine

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