Cast by Amy Pierce

    CAST A Performance by Amy Pierce   With Dennis St. Pierre, Bjorn Grigholm, Carol Ayoob, Kat Johnson, Kate Dawson, Siglinde Langholz, Johanna Cairns, Nicky Spaulding, Pieter Tryzelaar, Jess LeClair, Neil Shelley, Mariusz Potacki, Yannick Moutassie In Conjunction with the University of Maine Intermedia MFA Program and IMD 520 Performance Art Class with Deborah […]

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‘CONVEY’ Performance a Success

Intermedia MFA student Carol Ayoob presented her piece ‘CONVEY’ at Minskey Theater on October 14th at 7:30 pm.  The piece featured Anatole Wieck on violin, Karen Montanaro performing interpretive dance, Sarah Peters operating the conveyor belt and Carol Ayoob as conductor.  The performance began with Sarah Peters picking up pieces of trash that littered the […]

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