Susan Bryand

Susan smiles at the camera, wearing a blue shirt with a yellow accent.

Susan Bryand is an artist and teacher from Bangor, Maine. She has a B.A. in Art Education from the University of Maine and has been teaching art for 20 years, currently serving the students of Bangor High School’s Visual and Performing Arts Academy. Bryand’s commitment to building strong relationships has allowed her to expand students’ experiences beyond the classroom walls, to include local museums and universities, the streets of her downtown community, and the virtual stage of the Metropolitan Opera.  She was recently recognized by The Maine Art Education Association with their 2022 Outstanding Service to the Profession Award.

Her work is concerned with the ways in which art-making and design behaviors and products intersect with daily life, with a particular interest in how these intersections become areas for positive change and improved quality of life. She is currently exploring how the creative process can allow an artist to increase attention stamina, and connect to others with a focus on ritual, craftsmanship, and play.

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