Rochelle Lawrence

Rochelle smiles at the camera, wearing a blue shirt

Rochelle Lawrence is a mixed media artist with a foundation in painting and pottery. With an undergraduate degree in Art Education, Rochelle has a passion for teaching and community outreach. Her thesis work is focused on the engagement of others in meaningful and creative community projects. Originally from San Diego, California, Rochelle lived in numerous towns on both coasts of the U.S. before laying down roots in Maine.  Rochelle is the Museum Educator at the Zillman Art Museum.

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Fire Bread Project, 2020

The Fire Bread Project began as a socially engaged project of 8 people. I sent 8 packages to participants - each package contained a block printed muslin bag with the dry ingredients to make fire bread. The idea was that we could be connected as a community through bread making, even while separated and with the world on fire. After the initial project, I was asked to make 100 bags for students at Hampden Academy for the same purpose. The students documented their experiences and then the art teacher collected the photos on a website.

Fragments of Repair, 2021

The concept behind this project was repair and how to move forward after a year of living very differently with the Covid-19 Pandemic. My questions going into this project were, “how are we doing after what we have all experienced over the last year?” and “where do we go from here?” This project was rooted in the idea of kintsugi, the Japanese art of ceramic repair. Participants painted a piece of a broken bowl and then I repaired the bowl as a finished piece.

Home Project, 2021

With the Home Project I asked 100 participants, “How did home change for you during the pandemic?” I provided a postcard and sent a letter where I asked that participants answer with words or images. My hope was for this project to be part of my final thesis project.

Postal Project, 2020

The Postal Project was an activist response to the plight of the US Postal Service and the financial crisis that the Postal Service continues to face. The first part of the project was a mailing of 100 block printed cards explaining the crisis and asking participants to support mail carriers by sending messages of support. The second part of the project was sending out vinyl “Save the USPS” stickers for people to stick on their mailboxes to show their mail carriers their support. I documented the project by creating a website and by creating #artistsformail.

The Tension Between Fragility and Strength, 2019

This piece provided an interactive experience where viewers could walk through spaces created by hanging leaves. I created this piece as a way to examine the natural tension that exists between fragility and strength in nature as well as in our own lives. By using the concept as a metaphor, and inviting people to immerse themselves in the space, I was hoping to offer a place to reflect on this tension that we experience.