Armando Garma

Armando Garma is a mixed-media artist who is interested in exploring and sharing the magic of the scientific world. His work focuses on stirring the synapses to discovery. There is a noticeable separation in current American society where there are clear factions forming between those who would maintain and sustain the status quo by questioning, discrediting, and tearing down science and those who believe and support it. Armando seeks to change this pattern of aggression against scientific truths.

Armando obtained his Bachelors in Fine Art in painting and photography ( BFA ‘98) as well as a Bachelors of Architecture (BArch ‘06) from Mississippi State University. Armando worked as an internet developer in the corporate world before embarking on his career as an architect. As an architect he worked in the areas of historic restoration, preservation and adaptive reuse in New York City. After many years of working in this field, Armando became disenchanted with the world of architecture and was fortunate enough to go work as a swimming instructor at a school for swimming in NYC. He credits this time of leading young minds through the alien world of the water as a key step in reigniting his imagination and his love for the arts. He moved to Maine with his family to give his young daughter a chance to experience an outdoor life with unlimited spaces for inspiration.

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