Walter Greenleaf

Walter was born and raised in Silicon Valley, and studied mythology and digital art at Hampshire College from 2012-16. I am currently based in Amherst, Massachusetts.

His artist approach includes, “My collages are composed of fragments of found photographs, processed and arranged using digital editing techniques I have developed in the pursuit of a signature style. Foremost in my interests are color theory and the application of narratives to visual art. Whether abstract or representational, my work has as its goal the synthesis and reconciliation of disparate concepts and imagery; I also have a lifelong passion for storytelling, so anything I produce aside from simple exercises in abstraction has a story somewhere behind it. Since I first began playing with images in 2010, I have produced thousands of pieces from tens of thousands of photographs. Through the use of computer programs such as GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), Audacity, and Artbreeder, I am able to achieve effects in the collage process which would be functionally impossible with traditional media. Additionally, while I have discovered and formed an attachment to a variety of techniques, there is an element of unpredictability in digital art as I practice it which lends my work a sense of exploratory improvisation.”


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