Susan Smith

Dr. Susan L Smith, is a practicing artist and educator, and director of the Intermedia Program at the university. Smith holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, and an MFA in Intermedia, both from the University of Maine. Smith’s research focuses on issues of land/power and questions concerning art’s position in a late capitalist society. Smith is first and foremost an artist, and her work encompasses community based collaboration, site-based performance and installation.

Recent work centers on the struggle of asylum seekers on the US southern border.  Smith is a recipient of a juror’s award from the International Surface Design Exhibition for works in textile, a participant in the Center for Maine Contemporary Art Biennial, and the multi-location international exhibition “Crossing Borders,” among many others.  Smith believes the physical work is not the art, but an “artifact,” the art lies in the process of immersion and witness of place and community.