Susan Smith

Susan Smith is an activist artist working in socially engaged projects focused on issues of dispossession and displacement. Smith is a member of the graduate faculty in the Intermedia MFA program at the University of Maine, the coordinator for Lord hall Gallery, and currently pursuing an interdisciplinary doctoral degree researching socially engaged art, activism, and critical theory. Susan holds an MFA in Intermedia from the university, as well as a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Maine and the University of Texas, Austin. Smith is currently coordinating a series of collaborations under the  #uprootedcollective framework, focusing on our issues of class, labor and the refugee experience, and the power of collective voice, with initial performance events in Washington DC and Queens, NY, working with a mobile unit as a space for collaborative socially engaged art. Smith also works as an independent curator, coordinating group exhibitions across Maine. Personal practice focuses on unconventional materials sourced from the landscape around us to address environmental issues, and to speak to a balance of technology and sustainable practices. With a background in landscape design, Smith also practices guerilla gardening, and believes planting is a form of protest.