Rochelle Lawrence

Rochelle Lawrence is mixed-media artist who explores and communicates questions and concepts concerning those human experiences that are often taken for granted. Her work reflects wonder in response to the primitive and biological. As the global community becomes more advanced we run the risk of further alienating ourselves from that which connects us to the biosphere. Moving forward, Rochelle would like to concentrate more on social practice art by engaging with community as a means of conversation and as a platform for greater awareness of social and cultural issues.
Rochelle studied Art History and Studio Art at Santa Monica College and continued to take art classes in Seattle and Connecticut. Rochelle studied ceramics with two master potters for six years in Connecticut. After a transient upbringing on the West Coast and another twenty years of searching for the perfect place, Rochelle moved with her family to Maine. Rochelle had the opportunity to explore sculpture while earning her BA in Art Education at the University of Maine. Mixed-media in relationship to sculpture offers a venue to incorporate multiple disciplines. Becoming grounded in land and community has helped her to develop a more meaningful and relevant practice. Life in Maine offers unlimited spaces for inspiration.