Katarina Hoeger

Katarina Hoeger’s exposure to life in various locales has left her interested in communities and connections between people. It has also nurtured her interest in patterns, culture, science, music and technology. Katarina’s work explores her connections with communities and the ideas that these communities hold through varied media. While the project determines the media used, some media occur more often in her works. Reoccurring media include sound, code, mathematics, interactivity, photography, and motion.

Katarina Hoeger is currently a second year Intermedia MFA student and graduate teaching assistant at University of Maine in Orono. She hails from New York City suburbs, studied previously in California and Virginia, worked in Arizona, and has spent lots of time shuttling back and forth between the US and Germany. She has also travelled extensively within the US.

Learn more about Katarina, her process, and her work at  https://www.katarinahoeger.com/.