Christiana Becker

Christiana Becker is a transfer student from Virginia Commonwealth University pursuing her Intermedia Masters of Fine Arts at The University of Maine. Christiana received a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking from The University of Maine as well as a Bachelors of Arts in Art Education. She also has a minor in Art History, Dance, and Business Administration. Becker’s artwork mainly focuses on social and political issues, as well as her Penobscot identity. She has had an interview published in “Pushing the Boundaries: An Interview with Two New England Native Artists” by Virginia McLaurin in Dawnland Voices Issue 3 and “Umaine Student Uses Art to Highlight Cultural History, Issues” by Julia Bayly in Bangor Daily News. During Becker’s study at Virginia Commonwealth University her work was shown in Fata Morgana where she installed two pieces that talked about Indigenous blood quantum. One piece, Blood Membership/Blood(less) had one hundred twenty-seven glass droplets that showed the progression of Penobscot blood that is lost from her family every generation. Her second piece in the show, Descents Denied had roughly five hundred pages of paper wheat pasted on a wall that had several different screen printed messages of rights that Indigenous descendants are denied by not being members of their tribe