Charles Adjaye

“I was born in Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana. I graduated from University of Education – Winneba in 2008 and obtained Bachelor of Art Education.  Graphic Design and Ceramics were my specialty. After relocating to Sampa, Bono-Ahafo Region in Ghana I have been working as a teaching and a practicing Artist at college. I have worked on commercial art activities such as making signboards, posters, printing of T-shirts, embossment of asserts of some Institutions (hospitals, schools, colleges and making of ceramics wares. I also participated in several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in public and commercial galleries.

I paint, draw, and work with clay. I care a lot about the way things look and feel – the things that I use and the environment that I live in. Over the years I have produced handmade calendars, painted murals, things which depict everyday life . . .  you name it and I have probably done it. I have been working with my hands all my life and I have never been able to limit myself to just one thing. Art is my vocation, meaning that it is the thing I will always be motivated to do whether I get paid for it or not. It’s also one of the things that give my life meaning and purpose.

I work in an intuitively manner and completely immersed in the moment. Both my ceramics piece and painting depict naturalistic. Color is always my starting point and arguably the most important element of my work. The resulting paintings are vibrant, mediated snapshots of memory and a place existing only in my imagination.

Working in acrylic, collage and mixed media on various grounds, recent work has explored such diverse themes as fauna, landscape, still life, etc.”