Open House

Each year the IMFA program hosts an open house / open studio night inviting, family, friends, and the public into their  spaces. Below is a short selection of student works from the art & intermedia 2023 open house.

Close up of James LeBlanc's projection project onto shattered mirror
Close up of self portraits of artist James LeBlanc projected onto shattered mirror featuring a reflection of Emily Whittemore's installation
Emily Whittemore's participatory installation of hanging clouds all on their own individual strings
Emily Whittemore's participatory installation, guests were welcome to reach up and make a wish as they retrieved a cloud hanging from its own individual string, revealing a gem stone left behind
slide images arranged like a lamp shade for this lamp which was suspended from the ceiling as a part of Sam Grimwood's installation
Slide images compose a lamp shade for this lamp which was suspended from the ceiling as a part of Sam Grimwood's installation
A close up of Sam Grimwood's installation and some of the slides she used - backlit by the lamp's lightbulb shining outward

Jenna Davenport's work with flowers made from recycled materials sitting in a McDonalds on one pedestal, and a bouquet of real flowers placed in a trash bin on the pedestal to the right
Jenna Davenport's work shows flowers made from recycled materials sitting in a McDonalds cup on one pedestal and a bouquet of real flowers placed in a trash bin on the pedestal to the right
inside Jessy Brainerd's installation made to feel like a giant blanket fort with a rug, pillows, and blankets for people to sit with, shoes show of the people who have gathered inside to eat cookies around a mood light in the middle
Inside Jessy Brainerd's installation guests sat inside the fabric walls among plenty of pillows, in the center a rug was placed on the floor with an orange mood light and freshly baked cookies there for the taking
Vanessa Schaeffer performed periodically throughout the open house, here she performs across a tap dancing mat in her socks with her tap shoes placed in the middle of the mat
a close up of Alex Rose's installation with grey sliding pieces that are connected find themselves entangled with one another and blocking each others paths
A close up of Alex Rose's participatory sliding board which considers the inaccessibilities people face with transportation on a daily basis, movable pieces are entangled with one another and block paths

large scal and long installation made from paper and thread hangs from the ceiling, entangled and spanning the length from the front door to the sky light of the IMRC
The finishing of install for Merrilee Schoen's and Augusta Sparks Farnum's collaborative installation made of paper and thread hanging from the ceiling of the IMRC common space
Josi Young made a tiny sofa which now sits on top of a selected stack of books with their spines facing outwards toward the audience
A look through the door window to see the installation of Jim Winters, blue light coats the hallway with various other items hanging from above
sheet music titled "OUT OF NOWHERE" with a whisk duct taped to it, sheet music is hung from a clothesline
A close up from Jim Winters installation, a whisk duct taped to sheet music and hung from a clothesline up overhead

artist Rori Smith interacts with someone who came to make a print at the table she set up
Rori Smith interacted with guests throughout the night who came to make a print with her, this participatory table was set up across the hall from where some of her framed prints were hung in a collection
a welded sculpture by Elle Duncombe-Mills which looks like brass knuckles with thorns as if it were pulled from a briar patch
This small metal work was made by Elle Duncombe-Mills, mimicking brass knuckles but with the integration of thorns this work sat atop a pedestal for viewing
at night, a collection of people gather outside in the quad covered in snow to view projection mapping projects that cover the outside of the building
Students from the 2023 projection mapping class braved the cold and welcomed visitors outside onto the snow covered quad to marvel at their projections which blanketed the outside of our building - Stewart Commons
black and white, graffiti-like visuals projected onto a wall, directional speakers sit on the floor and a kiosk cart with a computer running the program sits to the right.
Cecilia De Andrade took over the 360 degree projection room here in the IMRC with visuals projected onto all four walls, up-beat audio coming from the directional speakers around the room, and print-outs scattered over the floor

a close up of Emily Whittemore's hanging work made up a canvas painted with a blue eye and a constructed eye with images collaged to make the second iris
A close up of Emily Whittemore's work where a set of eyes hung together united as a pair but different in how they were made - both the painted eye and the collaged eye hung side by side
a large yellow and red tapestry patterned using natural materials hang along the length of a ramp leading to the IMRC kitchen/common area
Charles Adjaye's textile work with natural dyes and pattern making were hung along the length of the wall of the IMRC common area
A wide view of multiple student works that were arranged in the IMRC Black Box Theater for the open house. In the front right is a sculpture on a pedestal, behind the sculpture is a dancer and her performance tap-mat, and then all the way in the background on the left is a hanging installation
A wide view of multiple student works that were exhibited in the APPE Space here in the IMRC for our Open House - sculpture, performance, installation, video, and more!
people gather around an artists work to talk about what they see, a white window frame and white chair are arranged a large and low to the ground white pedestal
Shahab Andarva discussing his work with guests as they gather around