NeurAuto Pie Chart Accessible Text-Only Description

Image is a screenshot from NeurAuto, showing an example pie chart. At the top it reads “Average Satisfaction: 3.6” and the date “2020-05-02”. Below that is a pie chart with 10 sections. Two sections reads 24.2% and one 16.1%. All other sections are un-labeled. Below that a key identified one un-labeled section as yoga, one one un-labeled section as walking, one un-labeled section as running, and one un-labeled section as studio. Next to that key, a set of horizontal arrows sandwich “1 of 3”, eluding to 2 additional pages of the key. Below that are navigation buttons that are labeled: “Today”, “Previous Day”, “Previous Week”, “Next Day”, “Next Week”, “Return to Time Entry”, and “Logout”.