2015 Students

Alicia Champlin

Alicia Champlin’s research & creative practices focus on feedback–driven, generative systems in pursuit of the phenomenological intersection of networked communication and identity. Issues of authenticity, neutrality, and truth are explored with process–based, interactive methodologies.

Currently, she is working with biometric data as an interventionary control mechanism in live video and audio feedback loops, developing EEG and ECG instruments with MaxMSP for use in generative performance installations.

Champlin’s work draws influence from the provocations of Alvin Lucier, Nam June Paik, and Marina Abramoviç, among others. Prior to pursuing her MFA, Champlin studied Japanese/Buddhist art history at Sophia University in Tokyo, and built a career as a communications software architect. In 2015, she left the corporate world for a more authentically creative life, but hopes to bring her work full-circle to instigate a more humanist dialogue in the field of networked communications.



Eleanor Kipping

Eleanor Kipping is a 3rd year Intermedia MFA Student and explores the Black female experience in the u.s. in consideration of colorism, racial passing, hair politics, and sexuality. Strongly influenced by popular culture, personal narratives, and her/history, her work primarily relies on performance, installation, photography, and video, but often draws on other methods such as social practice and design.




James Winters


Jim is an event technician here and is in his 3rd year now as a new sort of composer here at IMRC. “In photography the artist wanders to find the picture. Years ago I was enchanted by musicologist Alan Lomax who would wander— of these variant forms of musical literacy from what is taught in school.” With extended techniques on the hurdy gurdy (the instrument pictured) jim also works as a tenor trombonist in blues. Whether in the past for tv, for cruise ships, gospel music, improvising in jazz, pit work for the Penobscot Theater, and fill-in work ranging from Ringling Bros Circus to the Bangor Symphony, he thinks he want to compose music by playing and actually reading found objects as scores.




Wade Warman


Wade Warman, has a background in film and video production as well as electromechanical technology. His area of focus is in automata and semi-kinetic electromechanic sculpture and is a technician in IMRC’s fabrication laboratory.